Did you know that Decatur has 27 developed city parks and 17 playgrounds? If you need a little diversion, load up the kids, neighbors, or pets and go visit a park. Picnic by the river at Rhode’s Ferry, exercise around the lake at Wilson Morgan’s track, or enjoy the quiet at the Japanese garden at Frasier Park. At Delano Park , you can stroll through the rose garden or cool off at the splash pad. Plus, the newly opened Playground for All Children at Delano is specifically designed for all children, regardless of abilities. The adjacent Riverwild children's garden celebrates the story of the Tennessee River and the plants and animals unique to Decatur with plantings, boulders and sculptures. There is a park that is just perfect for you. For more information about Decatur's many parks, please visit Decatur Parks & Recreation.

City of Decatur Park Map

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A.C. Banks Park
McCartney/Lafayette/Vine NW
Adventure Park
Central Parkway/Beltline Road/Sandlin Road SW
Aquadome Park
2nd Avenue, 8th Street, and 5th Avenue SW
Austinville Park
Lamar Street @ Spring Ave SW
Bill J. Dukes Athletic Complex at
Point Mallard

Point Mallard Circle
Buena Vista Park
11th Avenue SE at end of Buena Vista Circle, SE
Carrie Matthews
Memorial Drive/902 6th Street NW
Cashin Wheeler
5th Street/15th Avenue NW
Cedar Ridge Park
Danville/Modaus SW
Chestnut Grove Park
Cedarhurst Drive SW
Delano Park
Prospect Drive/6th Avenue/Somerville Road/Gordon Drive SE
Ralph & Glenna D. Jones Park
2nd Avenue/Johnston St./Moulton St.
Flint City Park
Austinville/Flint Road
Gale Montgomery Park
Poole Valley Road
Founders Park
Bank Street/Church Street
Jessie Lewis Smith Park
102 Somerville Road SE/Moulton Street SE
Hospitality Park
US Highway 31 North
Ned Frazier Park/Japanese Garden
Ferry/Cherry/Line NE
Julian Harris Park
Auburn Drive/Resnick Drive/McNair Drive SW
Parkway Park
Gordon Drive/First Street/Third Avenue/Fourth Avenue SW
Elizabeth "Sister" Johnson Park
Davis/Cain/McCartney Streets NW
Pop Oliver Park
Magnolia Street/16th Avenue/Loring Avenue SE
Pines Park
5th Street/15th Avenue NW
Walter Jackson School Park
18th Ave/Birch/20th Ave SE
Rhodes Ferry Park
Harborview/Market/Oak NE
Wilson Morgan Park
Central Parkway/Beltline Road/Sandlin Road SW
Etta Freeman Park
At Senior Resource Center
Vine/Sycamore Streets NW
2nd Avenue Pocket Park
Located between 206 & 224 2nd Avenue